ingrid morley

LOVE LACE – Powerhouse Museum International Lace Award. Sydney
Exhibition runs until April 2013.

………………………Lorrie and I met on my birthday. She was in a paddock,”put out to grass’, her red rust bleeding into the ground. To me, she belonged to the Australian landscape, with her time-pocked body and work-etched honesty. I too yearned to be absorbed into the landscape and to have the dignity with which she represented her age.

She worked in the timber industry in Oberon, New South Wales, during the 1950’s and 60’s. Plantation forests have tracks around stands of trees, cut into the landscape, as if tracing ‘the tracks of my tears on a weathered face.

I reflected on those tears in making the lacework. Cutting the steel revealed negative spaces – a destructive process. Positive forms remained as ‘products’ of this process.

Timber harvesting is tough, leaving its mark on the people and the land, an ambiguous relationship seeming to ask: ‘How and what do we destroy in order to produce?’


Photo Credits: Lacie Lorrie at the Powerhouse photos by Sotha Bourn.
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